2023 Annual Cosmic Calendar (Pre-Order)


Be In The Know In Advanced, So Nothing Can Rock Your World!


Want an instant reference to decide which date to choose for launching your business campaigns & important life events when planning your year ahead? 

2023 Annual Cosmic Calendar (Pre-Order)

Plan your months and weeks in alignment with the cosmic energies in your fingertips!
  • Sync it directly to your iphone or Google calendar to plan your days with ease!
  • New Moons, Full Moon cycles & solar terms – they are helpful indicators for change of trends share & crypto markets!
  • All major cosmic events listed + handpicked auspicious dates for business, health, legal, marriage and spiritual activations!
  • Using Chinese Astrology & Applicable to all!

BONUS: Get a full year of 2023 Monthly Energy Forecast(pdf)!


***The files will be ready before 20 Dec 2022 & email to your payment email address***


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