How to Measure Your Feng Shui Home Directions With A Compass?

I often get asked on how to get the Feng Shui Home Directions measurement right; To be exact, how to map out the 9 square quadrants with your floor plan so you can use the 9 Flying Stars placements.
It’s actually not that difficult~ Let me help you break it down into 7 simple steps:

Step 1:

Get a Plastic Clear File, or any transparent sheet.

Step 2:

Use a marker and draw a 9-square grid, like this:

Step 3:

Take this clear file, together with a compass, and stand in the CENTRE of your house.

Step 4:

Facing TOWARDS your front door or main entrance. Hold your COMPASS and determine which direction the door is to you, like this:
For example, the door is at your North, then you have a North-facing house.

Step 5:

So after you know the direction your front door or main entrance, map out the rest of the directions onto the clear file.

Step 6:

Insert your floor plan underneath the clear file, and you’ll know exactly which quadrant does a particular room falls into!

Feng Shui Home DirectionsFeng Shui Home DirectionsFeng Shui Home Directions – all done!

Step 7:

You can continue mapping out the annual 9 flying stars i.e. the prosperity star, the illness star etc onto the clear file as guided on Day 4. You can use post-its and stick onto it if you want to use the clear file like, forever
This method is especially convenient if you are about to move to a new home, have a renovation project in mind, have home space and office space, or you want to help your friends check their Feng Shui too!

Step 8:

If you want to double check on the accuracy of the direction, doing this again at around 7-8 am and check if the room marked as in the East is after the sunrise happens. So here you go! With this simple tool, you can get flexible without drawing a floor plan all over again.
Let’s say you are planning a re-arrangement of some furniture but not sure if this is good in Feng Shui sense? No problem, get a paper and draw a floor plan and insert here to see the directions.
I hope this is clear enough and easy to implement now! Happy mapping!

Now when you are ready, we  can dive deeper!

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