2021 Chinese Astrology Forecast (Feng Shui Predictions) – Are you curious of what the Metal Ox year will bring energetically? Let’s find out 🙂

Episode 1: 2021 Metal Ox Year Energy Overview

The Intention of Annual Forecasting 

Before we dive right into the juicy “predictions” that you are expecting, I’d love to make my intentions loud and clear.

All insights we get are just CLUES we tap into the cosmic realm to give you a reasonable expectation of what’s coming so that you can get psychologically and logically prepared. 

As astrologers, we are humbled that the Universe’s plan is always way more sophisticated than we can understand, and no one can be sure about the impact and intensity of each event and how intimately they are affecting us!

And ultimately, we all have free will, so it is up to you for how you are going to use this information to change your life for the better!

So what tools do I use when I’m coming up with this forecast?

I use Feng Shui, 4-Pillar Astrology, my intuitive insights as well as common sense.


OK. Let’s begin!

2021 Chinese Astrology Forecast Feng Shui – Watch the Full Video Forecast by clicking the image below (~50 mins):


Content Highlights:

Part 1. We are in Transitional Times

We all know that 2020 was such a big year with so much uncertainty and a shakeup in the world. So if we take a step back, and have a bird-eye view in terms of a grander timeline view, we are on the cusp of entering the final stage of a 180-year cycle. 

This 180-year cycle consists of 9 Periods, each period lasts for 20 years, symbolising a certain stage of human evolution. 

 For example, where we are right now, Period 8, represents the energies of young men, real estate, step-by-step progress, and hierarchical structure. 

And as we are about to enter Period 9, the key themes are so different! 

It will be about middle-aged women, the virtual and non-physical world, spirituality, psychology, separation, and revolutions. 

>>>Want deeper insights on Period 9 and the Trends for the Next 2 Decade? Check out this episode!

To describe where we are now in terms of a grander scheme of time, we are not only transitioning from period 8 to 9 (which brings a lot of hiccups already), and but also taking the final 20 years to end this 180-year cycle, so we can be ready for a new one. 

From that perspective, that makes us even more humble that these big changes are happening for a reason, because there’s a mega cosmic plan that it’s going to be implemented for humans, and the earth to continue evolving.

Part 2. Elemental Influences – Metal Ox

Let now take a look at the elemental influences for 2021.

2020 was a Yang Metal Rat year, with Yang Metal bringing us the energies of a sword, a knife, a fierce, no mercy fighter. Together with the cunning rat, with its highly-reproductive nature, we see the widespread of a pandemic, high numbers of deaths, the closing of businesses, the lockdown of economics and social separations. 

From 3 Feb 2021 onwards, we’ll enter the influences of the Yin Metal Ox year.

The Metal energies continue, now in a very different style of expression. Yin Metal is that of a jewellery metal, precious metal, which can also be GOLD, literally. So pay attention to the gold price, currencies and what defines money because they will be under limelight. 

Yin Metal is stylish, tasteful, enjoy the beautiful things in life and enjoy the attention. It is also delicate, fragile, and need lots of care. Precious metal cannot stand high stress and pressure, for it melts and bends into different shapes and forms when that happens. This could be the mental state of people this year – trying our best to focus on the good side of life, and too fragile to take one further bad news as most of the people are already on the edge of a breakdown.

Yin Metal can also represent medicines and doctors. So we can safely say although the pandemic is not going to go away entirely too soon, with new medical solutions we can expect that the pandemic will get off the major attention in 2021. 

Let’s take a look at Ox then. Ox symbolises loyalty, stubbornness and kindheartedness, hardworking, and slow to adapt. Ox can also represent farmland (Wet Earth), and January, the frozen month just before spring.

As Earth (Ox) produces and nurtures Metal, so we have a pretty strong foundation with our work, with our resilience, with our loyalty. 

Although it might be slow to adapt to the new world, we have a solid foundation that helps us in making breakthroughs.

Part 3: My Wild Predictions

  • Pandemic? It will get off the public attention soon with new medical solutions.
  • Gold Price? Gold and the monetary system will be under the limelight!
  • Economy Recovery? Yes but slow. Everybody will work very hard for sure. 
  • Economy Crush? Watch out for Jun – Jul. Money, currency, share market.
  • Back To School Like Previously? Seems like the education system will face a major reform 
  • New Forms of Media Emerges? Very probably – the openness of the mind! 

>>> Watch The Full Video To Understand Why I Say So

Part 4: Keywords and Major Themes for the Ox Year

  • Active Mental Activities, Thoughts & Ideologies: Lots of new ideas, plans, blueprints, concepts, mental constructs, business and living models are going to appear in every aspects and sector e.g. new economic experiments >>> Everybody get back to their drawing boards to paint their post-pandemic future
  • Don’t Have Much Re-Building Energy: Not much progress in the 3D world to turn these ideas into reality. Everyone is taking the “wait-and-see” approach – at best, we might see prototypes for trial and error.
  • Home/Personal Businesses On The Rise:  While the real economy is only slowly recovering, the “hidden economy” is getting more active and familiar e.g. (Online) street markets/ food trucks/ hawkers
  • Demand On Entertainment For Distraction Will Boom: Expect to see more players will be joining Netflix to offer more variety to suit the different taste of audiences. Virtual games will get very popular. 
  • Stress Can Bend People: Metal melts when the heat is high enough – expect that integrity and ethics might not stand the test of survival; Crime, spam, fraud, theft, deception would become more common than ever.
  • Mental Drama: Attention-Seeking or Seeking Things To Pay Attention To? Mental Health is at risk when most people are staying over-stimulated in their minds like passively absorbing information and fear projected by what you are watching. UNPLUG your TV and social media when you feel negative emotions are attacking you!
  • The Market Is Very Competitive: Money and Resources are hard to be gained but still achievable! Every dime matters. Work harder!

Part 5: Purpose of 2021

New Meaning For Money, Wealth & Abundance: What does it mean to live a comfortable life? How much money do I truly need? How do I vote with my money?

Proud To Be Different: Eagerness to explore our path. “As long as I can survive, I don’t care what you think of me!”> think Elsa!

Less Reliance on Big Firms & Gov: Local tribes and communities are forming budding local economies that is sperate from the primary “real” economic system 

Reclaim the sovereignty of our attention and focus: Think Matrix!

Our attention and dreams DO create reality: New science discovery will prove that! 

Part 6: 2021 Suggestions – How To Make The Best of The Cosmic Energies

  • Grow Your Own Food: Maybe we don’t need that much of money if we start growing our own food, and then exchange! Plus, we get out of our minds and become healthier!
  • Bye FOMO! Everybody is trying to get your attention – whoever can hold their focus wins!
  • How to make life beautiful? How to find little happiness and small bliss in your everyday life?
  • Focus on the Sun – the power source; Chin up, show up, do the work and remain hopeful.
  • Cultivate Resilience – Hard work will pay off!
  • Build your tribe, run local support systems, and get off the grid!
  • Be very protective of what information and underlying emotions you exposure yourself to – choose your “entertainment” or “news source” wisely!!

Months to be cautious of : 

  • 4 Apr – 4 May 2021: Some fights and tension will be heightened between countries/parties/religions
  • 5 Jun – 6 Jul 2021: Lots of suspicions and rumours will flow around. Beware of share market & currency fluctuations
  • 7 Jul – 6 Aug 2021: Clashing with the year’s energy; expect it to be the worst month of the year collectively e.g natural disasters


Ending Note: Are You Into Play The LONG Game?

Just focus on the present, appreciate all the beautiful things in life and make the best of it!!! 

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