Have you done a vision board before? If you are familiar with manifestation and law of attraction ideas, creating a vision board that captures all your wishes for the new year won’t be a new concept to you.

Usually, it involves pasting exciting magazine clippings of our long-for holiday destination and our dream house options, a passionate love partner, a big pile of cash, and of course affirmations and keywords of our desires for the new year to come.

Then we’d be putting this vision board in our altar, or somewhere visible that keep reminding us of our goals and vision for the year.

Sometimes, it’s effective. Sometimes, it’s not. Do you know why?


What is a 3D Vision Board?


Where we spend the most time in, shape who we are.

Our home is our most precious and intimate space, so designing our space with intention, PLUS ALIGNING IT WITH POSITIVE ENERGY, is what Feng Shui does.


So in essence, creating a 3D vision board involves knowing WHERE is the best place to manifest which type of your visions (e.g. aligning with wealth energy when manifesting wealth-related goals), and WHEN to do so to infuse the highest positive energy into your space!


How can you level up your game in the vision boarding exercise by incorporating Feng Shui, and your sweet home in this manifesting work?


Then Keep Watching The Video Tutorial to Find Out:

3D Vision Board: How To Turn Your Home Into A Canva for Manifestation with Feng Shui


What is covered in this video:

  • What is the traditional vision boarding method and what is missing
  • What exactly is a 3D Vision Board
  • How to perform 3D Vision Boarding
  • Feng Shui 101 for amplifying positive Chi in your home space
  • Example 1: Manifesting Wealth Goals
  • Example 2: Manifesting A New Romantic Love Partner
  • WHEN is the BEST timing to activate this 3D Vision Board
  • How to Learn DIYing Your Home Feng Shui to Maximize the Good Energies


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