Best Morning Rituals in Feng Shui

What to do first thing in the Morning? In this article, we’ll explore the best morning rituals in Feng Shui that suits you PERSONALLY.

Morning priming is essential to help activate and adjust our vibration to the highest state before we start the day!

In Chinese Metaphysics it’s all about the balance of the 5 elements. For example, if someone is born on the winter solstice, she will need more Fire element to warm her up physically (for the blood circulation), and energetically (so she can feel more energetic and proactive in action).

When our elements are in balance, we are in flow with the Universe, and we’ll have more ease in lives and synchronicity happens all the time.


Finding Your Personal Lucky Element(s)

Each of us is born with a different combo of the 5 elements; and through a precise calculation with your birth data by a Feng Shui consultant, we identify that element(s) that BALANCE OUT your unique energy mix as your personal lucky element(s).

For public education purpose here though, we can roughly determine ONE OF your lucky elements based on the season of your birth, so you can start experimenting with your life to see which suits you the best!

  • So if you were born in Spring, your lucky elements include METAL;
  • Born in Summer, your lucky elements include WATER;
  • Born in Autumn, your lucky elements include WOOD;
  • Born in Winter, your lucky elements include FIRE;
  • Born in-between seasons, your lucky elements include EARTH.

Still not sure? I’ll recommend you experiment it in your life first, and see if you feel better by picking your lucky element based on your birth season alone – if not, get a detailed natal chart reading with me!


If WATER is one of your lucky elements, what you need to balance out your natural temperament and energy is the flexible, nourishing, witty, soft yet fierce qualities that water embodies.

Probably you won’t wake up too early as you love to sleep late – creativity flows better in mid-night. So when you wake up, take a quick shower, wash your hair, drink a full cup of water to nourish your internal organs.

Spending more time in your washroom is actually good for you:) [ now tell those who live with you about this lol]

For breakfast, anything from the fridge e.g. yoghurt, milk, soy drinks, salads etc are good choices. Seafood is of course also great food choices.


If you love to open the fridge a lot even when it’s not about the cool air, METAL could be one of your luck elements!

METAL energy embodies toughness, cooling, persistence, fighting spirit, and holding strong priority about justice.

The high-vibe morning ritual if Metal is one of your lucky elements:

At best your alarm clock is a mechanic clock made of metal pieces like the big ben. As soon as you wake up, go to the mirror, and say positive affirmations to yourself while looking into your own eyes 😍Then open the fridge, get some milk, yoghurt and white food items as breakfast.

To activate your energy, Sing. Hum a verse of poem or prayers. Use your voice to move the energy within and around you.


FIRE brings infectious energy, a big heart to give and care about other people, proactiveness in taking actions, also courage and the desire to be visible.

Take myself as an example, since my element combo in my birth chart is rather cold, my natural tendency is to stay low profile and introverted, therefore with Fire as my lucky element, I learn to embrace marketing myself more, so that I can share my passion with the world and help others!

The high-vibe  morning ritual if Fire is one of your lucky elements:

The first thing you do when you wake up is to go to the balcony and see if it’s a sunny day or not; if it’s a Sunny day – go conquer the world! If not, focus on improving the internal -whether it’s your processes, your health or anything that needs fixing.

Then go to the kitchen – boil water for your coffee, and cook your breakfast! Tomato, eggs are good choices. In general, you should cook more to absorb more fire energy 🙂

Burning candles and incenses are also great ways to activate the fire energy in times when you feel overwhelmed and scattered.


WOOD energy brings steadiness, desire for growth and consistency to one’s life.

If wood is one of your lucky elements, this is your high-vibe morning ritual:

Waking up at 5am – 7am and go to the park or nature for your morning exercise. Hug some trees before you come back home. Get the newspaper delivered to your door. Eats lots of veggies, fruits and cereals for breakfast.

Bring a book with you if you take the metro. Building your home library, doing woodwork, wearing green (includes underwear) brings good luck.

Nature and forest are very healing for you in particular. So if you are feeling unwell, you know where you should go to up your vibes!

Who here finds waking up early is good for your vibes (i.e. not everyone!)? You probably need more wood to balance out!


Finally, we are going to talk about the last elements out of the 5 elements – Earth!

Earth brings groundedness, malleability, non-moving, and inclusiveness.

High-vibe morning rituals if Earth is one of your luck elements:

First thing first, when you wake up and get out of bed, ground your feet solidly to the ground, and start doing 1 minute of Jumping Jack to get your body warm!

And then keep cultivating mindfulness in your morning routines: When you are washing your face, when you are drinking your morning tea, when you are stretching, and when you are waking up your kids. do these little things in a mindful way with all your presence.

If you start your morning this way, you’ll start your day with that juicy grounded feeling that brings you high vibes!



One tip that could benefit everyone: In the morning, do 10 deep breaths facing the sun (East) while stretching your arms ups to the sky to open your channel of receptivity. Don’t begin scrolling your phone before you do this!

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