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In case you are planning for any home revamp or renovation in Fall, these are the sectors to pay attention to from 4 Feb 2023 onwards.

TL:DR: the North West & West zones are bad next year so in order not to trigger the bad energies to make them worse later, if there’s any fixing in the house in these sectors that needed to be done, get them done before 4 Feb 2023, or at the very best, before 22 Dec 2022.

2023 Feng Shui

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1.North West in 2023 Feng Shui

The 5 Yellow hazard star flies into this sector that represent the Father, Male head of household in the house. If this is just a room without window or door access to outside, don’t need to worry too much – just don’t spend too much time in this sector.

However if the is either:

  • Main door
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen

This could be more problematic, especially if the father/ Male Head of Household in the house are not having a strong energetic state, or are born in the Rabbit, Rooster years or 1948,1957,1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, (2008).

The 5 yellow star could potentially bring sudden disruptive changes and life shocking events that caught people off-guard. When it happens to the head of household it affects the entire family!

From Feng Shui perspective, make sure:

1. The fathers are NOT sleeping in the NW sector!!!!!

2. Pay attention to the exterior of the doors and windows in NW – are there any sharp objects, blockages, road running towards you, noise and light annoyance? If yes and feasible, close the windows and blinds, and use other doors for entry/exit.

3. When 2023’s Chi are arriving you can put metal pieces and objects like a gong, singing bowl etc to mutate the negative energy. I’ll teach you how to do so with more details when the timing get closer. NOT NOW.

From an energetic perspective, we all have intuitions that give us clues and signs to avoid danger; if we educate the Father in the house to LISTEN to his intuition, especially when it feels irrationally and cannot explain it, this is WHEN he needs it the most. Think about the stories you heard of that guy who was late to catch a plane due to a local traffic jam which SAVED him from a tragic plan crush.

We may not always prevent things from happening but with knowledge like this, we can at least reduce the harm, which is the purpose of it all why we learn Feng Shui and astrology. It’s not just about “manifesting more money” afterall – it’s about reconnecting ourselves with the Divine Intelligence that we already have!!!!

And how to inspire the logical, rational man in the house to listen his intuition??? I don’t have the answers yet lol Please share with me if you have any tips πŸ™‚


2. West in 2023 Feng Shui

The 3 Killing stars and year breaker star brings emotional turbulence & overwhelming stress to the daughter in the house, which could trigger her or anyone working or sleeping in this sector more irritable and could make hasty and reckless decisions in life and they will regret later. Also less supportive for mental health. There could also be haters and annoying people in life that bring them troubles.

Although this is more an internally triggering energy than bringing “bad luck” from the environment, the energy here could feel more hard to tolerant with an extended period.

Therefore my recommendation is, from the Feng Shui perspective, everyone in the house, especially those born in the years listed above, should avoid working or sleeping in this sector; if you can’t change your bed, then at least reverse where you head is pointing to so you head is not pointing towards West when you sleep. This is especially true for the person who are Β at stake in terms of emotional health.

From an energetic perspective:

it’d be all about inner work, inner child and trauma healing. There is a potential good energy for those in business and sales – if a person is mentally tough enough to endure whatever it takes to succeed, one can have great career success & income, especially if it is a retail store where your entrance is in the West, or you are a female sales person and/or your target audience are young female.

Hope you find these information practical enough for your to have an overview ahead of time.


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