Getting Your 2024 Feng Shui Map Ready in Green Dragon Year!

2024 Feng Shu Map for Green Dragon year: Setup for health, peace & harmony for your home & office! Green Dragon year is special – the best year to use Feng Shui to power it up if you are new to it!

I get this question every year – WHEN can I start using the Feng Shui strategies you shared in your annual webinar? and WHEN do I need to remove them before the year ends?

To set up:

There are 2 types of Feng Shui Strategies:

1) Feng Shui Activations (those for boosting GOOD energies)

2) Feng Shui Transmutations (those for reducing and neutralising harmful impacts)

For #2 Feng Shui transmutations, any good days after winter solstice on 22 Dec 2023 are wonderful, since the energies start flowing in after the solstice.

If you missed 22 Dec 2023, you can use 6 Jan, 15 Jan, 18 Jan, 21 Jan, 27 Jan, and latest 9 Feb 2024.


For #1 activating good energies, good days after 4 Feb would be more effective as the energies then are more intact!

To remove:

Every year around Aug you can evaluate if the Feng Shui Activations items are still in good quality – if not, renew them or just cast them away item by item, one at a time to slowly transition out. Just choose any sunny day to do it!

For Feng Shui transmutation items like below, keep or renew them till the Dec solstice.


2024 Feng Shui Green Dragon Year – Flying Stars Map:


To-Dos for Boosting Health & Peace at Home (Feng Shui Transmutation):

1. Remove all visible items with DRAGONS, DOGS, LIZARDS (dragon as in living creatures on earth) and put them inside cabinets or drawers until next year – as these elements are most vulnerable for unexpected changes in the Dragon year, we are minimizing the impact here by hiding them. ( Especially if you have Dragon or Dog elements in your birth chart, this will be a year filled with challenges, movements and maybe surprise opportunities for you!)

2. If flying star #5 (West), #2(SE) in the above chart falls into your main door, kitchen, bedroom or work desk, make sure you have COPPER items e.g. singing bowls, coins, gong etc to be placed in this sector to transmute the negative health impact. Try your best to avoid stay here for long. Avoid red & sharp items here. For rooms that do not have doors nor windows, the impact is negligible.

3. If flying star #7(South) falls into your kitchen, bedroom or main door, use vinegar water (1:2 ratio) to reduce the negative impact on fire accidents and health issues. Avoid red items, knifes and weapons, and construction work here, or it should not start in this sector.

4. To promote peace within family members, put 3 red items in the middle of the house. You can also choose items with “peace and harmony” in the message or symbolism to remind everyone to speak gently and be respectful even when everyone has different opinions.

That’s it! I hope this is helpful and detailed enough for your to implement it!


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