2022 Feng Shui Preview – What, When, Where?


Time flies!

Although we are not arriving the next lunar new year yet until 1 Feb 2022 – (a Water Tiger year!);

Very soon we’ll be having the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) on 21 Dec 2021 (Tuesday).


This is an important celestial event, for it represents the climax of Yin energy of the year!


In terms of Feng Shui, this will be a good period of time for cleansing bad energies of 2021 so we can have a clean slate to welcome new energies!


Here are the highlights:

When: 9-11am, 3-5pm on 19 Dec 2021 (Sunday)

What: To stack both 2021 &2022’s Feng Shui transmutaion placements and clean up


  1. Check 2021’s Feng Shui Activations-
    1. What have you placed?
    2. Are they still in good condition?
    3. If not, replace it with new ones, or just pause the activation before the new lunar year arrives.
  2. Start your 2022’s Feng Shui Transmutation Placement as in the below chart:


South West (SW): 8 metal coins

Central: a peice of metal objects like bell or singing bowl

North (N): No clutters!!!! Must keep this clean and tidy and no movements nor sit here



East (E): A lamp or red object

West (W): A small glass of vinegar + water



Why do we do this?

  1. most people would install their Feng Shui activation at the beginning of the year and forgot about it 🙂 It’s time to check if they are still in good condition, for if they are not, that activation is not effective!
  2. The 6-week transition from Ox year to Tiger year after Winter Solstice could bring some hassles so it’d be a good practice to have negation and transmutation placements ready for both years so to minimize the negative Chi effect.


I’ll have a video up soon, probably during the holidays, to explain the Feng Shui 2022 in more detail, but for now I don’t want you to miss the important day!

So make sure you mark your calendar on 19 Dec 2021, your local time to do this!


I’ve been super busy in recent months, thanks to all your support 🙂

If you are still interested in a 2022 Forecast reading, each report done by me with love, you are invited to check out the details here.


Until then, stay healthy, happy and joyful!


With love,

Shu Om Mani

Your Feng Shui Consultant


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