2024 Chinese Astrology Forecast: Personal Annual Reading

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Enter An Exciting New Realm With Foresight!


Sisters, how do we get RICHER in 2024?

Exciting Times Ahead – Are You Ready for The Change?

Every year we use different kinds of tools to have a “weather forecast” for the year ahead – either from the political & economic perspective, socio-cultural perspective, or psychic & energetic perspective for the collective.


But we don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the collective! As spiritual leaders, it’s crucial that we rise above the gloomy narrative, so that we can help others step up TOGETHER!


Normal people set new year resolutions, then don’t feel driven to continue before January ends;

Smart Leaders perform PROACTIVE LIFE PLANNING according to what’s best for them in their current season of life, optimizing the favours of opportunities knocking, and minimizing potential heartbreaks.


Which strategy are you using for 2024, the Green Dragon Year?

What is even more exciting is – 2024 kickstarts what we called the Period 9, a 20-year cycle of fiery disruptions. Our major decisions this year is setting the tone for the entire 2 decades ahead!!!

Spiritual Leaders – you need a personalised “weather forecast” highlighting all the opportunities, leverage point and Divine Timing JUST FOR YOU!

2024 Chinese Astrology Forecast: The 4-Pillar Astrology Method

With the aim of “BALANCE”, 4-Pillar Astrology seeks to understand the energy dynamics (5 elements and Yin Yang) that you are born with, how the annual energies impact you on a PERSONAL level, in health, career, relationships, children and overall life happiness, so that you can get prepared and plan ahead with the guidance from the stars!

Each 2024 Astrology Forecast Report (PDF) includes these valuable insights, curated just for YOU:

  • A quick overview of your Elemental Profile: What Makes You YOU?
  • How are you leveraging Period 9 (2024-2043) to flourish with both abundance and well-being?
  • Your Personal’s 10-year Influence Cycle: Are you in transition? How can you get more into alignment with your season in life?
  • 2024 Annual Theme: Your key focus this year and how is it going to be expressed in your life
  • Spotlights of the Year: Potentials opportunities, challenges, pivotal changes and where & when & how they could show up. To what intensity they might impact you? That’s in your hands!
  • Detailed Month-by-Month Forecast x 12 months for your strategic action planning
  • Your Lucky Element(s) and tricks on how you can raise your vibes in your daily life

***BONUS 1: Get A 2024 Feng Shui Flying Star Activation Strategy Plan that you can apply to your home and office to capitalise your environmental energies!

***BONUS 2: Feng Shui Rituals for the 4 seasonal transitional dates in 2024 to smoothen and calming down the potentially messy energies of change. 

All I need is just your Birth Year, Month, Day, Time (Accuracy down to the Hour is good enough), City and Timezone!


Love from previous clients:

“I come back every year – I love your encouraging spirit while keeping your realness in your forecast. This has been really insightful for year planning knowing when to go full-steam in business, and when to slow down and putt more attention or family or health.”

“OMG you’ve described my personality and dilemmas¬†to a T!”

“The elemental profile with the table & % is very clear and help me understand my elements visually!”

“Funny that you mentioned network marketing is not right for me…I’ve just walked away with one after a disastrous experience… wish I met you earlier Shu!”

“Your monthly forecast is so helpful! We found the perfect house EXACTLY in the month you’ve indicated, and glad we got ourselves ready to grasp this exciting offer!”


***Important! Instructions when placing your order:

If you are in a pivotal point in life, please indicate your key concerns which you’d love to seek guidance on (under “concerns”).

You’ll receive all of the above in PDF report format within 7 working days. I appreciate your patience in this.