Feng Shui DIY Playbook (Evergreen Version)


A Must-Have Guidebook If You’d Love To Learn And Apply Feng Shui In Your Home!


Feng Shui DIY Playbook (Evergreen Version)

When it comes to protecting and providing the best for you and your family, where do you focus on first?


Our Home is where the heart is; where we feel safe, warm, comfy, and at ease.

By fostering the positive energy flows in your home space, we can stay in a peaceful and high vibrational state all day long.

See your home as a 3D Vision Board – how are you using it to manifest consistent┬ápositive flows into your space?

That’s why I’ve created this

Feng Shui DIY Playbook:
A 79-page PDF guide to teach you step-by-step on how to radically transform the vibrations around your living and work environment!



Feng Shui DIY Playbook

You’ll Learn:

+ 15 Feng Shui Evergreen Core Principles of Feng Shui

I’ve distilled all the core Classical Feng Shui School concepts that are STILL APPLICABLE & IMPORTANT for modern homes so that once you grasp them, it could save you all the headaches while reading all the confusing and contradicting new-agey Feng Shui info online, and focus on what truly matters!

+ How to Feng Shui Every Room In Your House – A Practical Do’s & Don’ts Checklist

Just follow this as your audit checklist to walk through the Feng Shui set up of your entire house.

+ How to Amplify The Energy of The Wealth Corner(s) of Your House

There could be up to 4 wealth corners – but first, you’ll have to know how it works in principle!

+ How To Minimize the Negative Influence Outside of Your House

Construction work could be annoying and destructive to your wellbeing – here’s how to transmute the energy to weaken the negative impact on your household.

+ Understand How To Use The Annual Flying Stars For Your Best Results

You see this info about Flying Star everywhere – Learn what they are so you can utilise the info and apply to your home and switch them every year on 4 Feb!



No Complicated Theories; Just Actionable Tips & Suggestions That You Can Apply Right Away.

Download the Playbook and Learn Instantly!

*Note: After the transaction is completed successfully, you’ll be led to a special link to download the file within 3 days. Please save this file in your local drive and enjoy learning!

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