Do you know we are entering Period 9 in Feng Shui?

How does that tell us about the major themes and trends for the 20 years to come? That’s what we’re discussing in this video episode!

Episode 2: Feng Shui Period 9 – Trends Prediction For The Next 20 Years

We all know that we are currently in transitional times and is not just about the pre and post-pandemic times is also about a much larger cycle. 

From the Chinese metaphysics perspective, history always repeats itself every 180 years. Within that 180 years, every 20 years, there’s a key theme that signifies that two decades, in which we called “Period”. 

Feng Shui Period 9 Cycle

For every transitional period, where we can going from one Period to another, and one cycle to another, there will certainly be involving a disruption and collapse of certain things to make space of the growing of something new.

And right now, we are right at the cusp of Period 8 moving onward to Period 9, which is the ending phase of this current 180-year cycle.

From a historical point of view, as we as from a human evolution point of view, where do we stand in the timeline?


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Feng Shui Period 9: Trends Prediction For The Next 20 Years


Feng Shui Period 9 Trends- Keynotes 

  • Fire: Fire could mean literal fire (e.g. in the forest), firearms, bloodshed, volcanos, rockets, explosion, transportation accidents or at worst, wars; Kitchen appliances, wine and dine industries can do very well  
  • Space: Cloud-based, The Space & ET, Rockets, satellites, 5G, much less physical contacts, everything Remote, “Emptiness”
  • Eyes: The Era of Neuro-Created Virtual New World through our eyes; Eyesight health issues 
  • Hearts: Psychology, spirituality, and heart’s health
  • Non-Physical World: VR, AR and game simulation replacing in-person contact; Spirituality as in energies, shamanic travelling etc will get mainstream; Outer Space; Dreamworld as real as waking life; Telepathy and psychic development getting popular
  • Middle-aged Women: women in their 30-50s will be dominating the world stage. This also symbolises the rise of the Feminine Power, the Mother, and related culture and values.
  • Electricity: 5G (and other Gs), movies, stage performances will boom
  • Separation: Groups, countries will grow further away. Alliances will dissolve ; No more “globalisation”; Gap between the wealthy and the poor will become extreme; Divorce rate rise even further.

History repeats in spirals….. So are humans more enlightened this time around?

What do you think the next 2 decades will be like?

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