Feng Shui For Bosses – Fast Track Program

Living the entrepreneurial life is like a dream come true: 

Having the freedom to choose and design

 your hours, your work style, the work you do, the people you serve, even the rates you charge.

It seems like a blessing…until it’s not…

feng shui for bosses

🌎 Your “co-workers” at home are not cooperating – worse, they don’t know how to respect your boundaries (because you don’t know neither!)

🌎You’ve been “trying” online gigs for quite some time without much success with getting enough clients, feeling confused and defeated about which business model and marketing strategies to use

🌎 Energetically you don’t feel very aligned with the way you do business – however since that are taught by the top business coaches and “gurus”, their ways must be the way!  – Just that you are not seeing much results yet…

🌎 You start to feel overwhelmed with all the duties and expectations on you – you desire a holistic approach so you can be an amazing Mum/Wife/Daughter/Boss at the same time!



Sounds like you?

Are you wondering: Why does it look so easy for others but not for me???

The Secret Behind It Is


Following cookie-cutter business advice might work for you, or, they might not🤷🏽‍♀️

There is no such thing as “guaranteed success” for any sustainable business.

So the path of least resistance is to uncover your natural gifts(=Birth Chart), understand what’s in store for you in the coming years (= LUCK), and use strategies that aligned with your work style so you can thrive!



Is Your Living Space Backing You Up Energetically?

 There are many hidden potentials that your home and office could offer. Do you want to know HOW?



That’s Why I’m Creating This Program for YOU!


Introducing the

Feng Shui For Bosses –
Fast Track Program

Where you learn how to APPLY energetic knowledge to your business!

Module 1:
Feng Shui Foundations

15 Core Principles and Understanding How 5 Elements Work

Deep Dive: 5 Elements & Their Representations


Module 2:
Attracting More Clients With Your Space

6 Types of Money Energies and How To Work With Your Personal Lucky Elements

Do’s & Don’ts for Home Offices


Module 3:
Branding, Marketing, Soulmate Clients

Brand Identities: How To Find Yours?

Soulmate Clients Profiling

Personalising Your Business and Marketing Strategies with Your Birth Chart

Attracting the Age Group of Your Clients With I-Ching Feng Shui


Module 4:
Your Vitality & Productivity

Correlation between Your Space & Your Health Conditions

Wellness Suggestions To Uplevel Your Mental State & Vitality


Module 5:
Feng Shui Manifestation Method

Special Techniques To Boost Your Manifesting Power


Module 6:
Integration: Putting All Together

Feng Shui Audit, Advanced Feng Shui Hacks for 2022 & 2023(Ready by Sep 2022), Case Studies & More!


Module 7:







When you join Feng Shui for Bossses now, you’ll also get all the below bonuses (Total Valued $229)!!!


Your Natal Wealth Potentials Report

(Valued $168)

Based on the unique energy matrix that you were born with, I’ll investigate every aspects about you in relation to business, abundance and wealth and offer you strategic advice on how you can:

  • Discover Industries and Business Models Where You Can
    Thrive with Least Resistance
  • Understand Your Pattern In Finance Management & Suggestions
  • Maximize Your Capacity to Attract, Keep & Spend Money
  • Unlock Your Hidden Gold Reserves In Your Chart
  • Quickly Enhance Your Wealth Potentials With Your Wealth Codes


The Feng Shui DIY Playbook

(Valued $33)

A Handy Guide + Feng Shui Audit Toolkit So You’ll Know How to Feng Shui Every Room In Your House!


eBook: The 10 Personality Profiles & Compatibility

(Valued $28; Ready by Sep 2022)

How You, And Those Around You Can Live Out Your True Potentials?

In this eBook You’ll learn your most dominant character traits, strengths and weaknesses, blind spots and relationship tips to increase the Compatibility between you and your loved ones!



Plus, having Life Time Access means…

You’ll also get automatic future content upgrades to this course, including the
Advanced Feng Shui Activation Plans
I Designed for Private Clients Only EVERY YEAR


Your Investment Today :


$198 Only! (40% Off)



So Ask Yourself:
Are You Ready To Call Back All The Energies Within and Around You, So You Can Finally Focus On Channeling Your Magic Into Your Business?


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🔥I won’t wait if I were you!🔥

See You Inside!


With Love,

Shu Om Mani



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