How are you feeling in this 1st New Moon in 2022? 🙂


Although we’ve already stepped into 2022, energetically this is the last lunar month of the Ox year. What’s more, this lunar month we are “doubling down” the Metal Ox energy so you could feel intensify indeed as it feels like the entire 2021 is condensed into this 29 days, for the final time!

So January is an optimal month for decluttering, simplifying and clearing items, projects, beliefs that should come to an end! I recommend that you make this your intent for the month!


Feng Shui wise, it’s good for decluttering for the entire month, just DON’T move the Main Door on destruction days (5,6,18,30 Jan 2022).


Rest assured that the energy of the next New Year, the Water Tiger year, will be soooooo different!


A lot of stagnant energy we had from 2020 and 2021 will be lifted, and lots of movements, momentums and expansion will be possible, if you play your card right!!!


Speaking of the annual energy for the Water Tiger year, I’m VERY EXCITED to annouce that…


2022 Feng Shui Webinar –
Ready for Registration Now!!!


Since 13 Jan 2022 is an execellent day for installing new Feng Shui activiation;

To prepare you for that, I’ll be hosting the 2022 Feng Shui Webinar on 11 Jan 2022! [It’s Over!]



Watch the replay here and take notes!!!


In this annual webinar we’ll cover:

  • Annual energy insights overview: What can we expect in 2022, a Water Tiger year, in terms of Cosmic Energies?
  • Your personal annual soul theme: How can you make the best use of your soul theme of the year to become a more conscious and wise being, for you and others?
  • Feng Shui activations at home and office: How can you user your precious Space to manifest more postive vibes and nagate negative ones?


With love,

Shu Om Mani

Your Feng Shui Consultant