Summer solstice activation ritual – you won’t want to miss this!


Are You Ready To Refresh & Renew Your Vibes?

summer solstice activation ritual

The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere will be happening on 21 June 2022, exact time right here!

Being the most Yang day of the year, it is a PIVOTAL time for abundance activation!!! Are You Ready?

That day will be  a Wood Snake close day – this is particularly helpful if you were born in the frozen winter time to “Fire up” your inner energies portals.


3 Quick Tips To Maximize The Energy of the Solstice:
  1. During NOON time (11am- 1pm), go out under the Sun, and expose your BACK to the sunlight to activate your vitality Chi aka Yang energy. This is particularly good for those who are weak or sick!!!
  2. Go gather some natural water from a stream of flowing river, or  to bring tap water to sit under the sun from 11am to 1pm. Doing this will  infuse Yang energy into the water – that can be used in your future New  Moon & Full Moon Rituals for protection and activation!
  3. Use today to perform charity acts or donations – your kind heart will bring good karma!


Summer Solstice Activation Ritual

  1. To perform any ritual activations, follow the local  exact time then sit with your back pointing towards WEST
  2. Visualise – see yourself in your ideal state of wealth(1st person) that you honestly believe is achieveble within 1 year and that you deserve it!
  3. Immerse yourelf into this virtual reality in your head as long as you desire, and add more senstional details to make it as real as possible
  4. Before you come back, ask yourself, ” What would I gift to the version of myself on 21 Jun 2022, who might still have doubts on whether this future is possible?”
  5. Take that GIFT with your whole heart, whether it’s a word of wisdom, strategies, some loving energies, some mindset shift, or a hint of hidden treasure you might have overlooked etc; and thank your furture self for her support!!!

Have an awesome breakthrough this summer solstice! I love you!