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2023 is around the corner – have you started your year planning yet?

At the time of writing(8Nov22), we are in the powerful, alchemical eclipse season. Here are what I observe:

1. Relationship dynamics with women: 

This month the flyer star combo arrives at South West, creating a trigger and activation everything about women, and what is considered valuable for women. If you are launching services and courses that will help uplifting women, use the SW sector in your home to boost that energy! Alternatively, this could also turns into heated arguments related to women getting paid fairly, partnerships, and women’s rights.

2. Impatience

Impatience about what needs to be changed but they are not really changing yet: Everyone sees the elephant in the room and what need to be changed; but it’s too big to be tackled as this point, and life is requesting you to handle what is in front of you FIRST, honour your responsibilities first, which could drive you crazy! Solution: understand that there is a best timing for everything – trying to force things from happening won’t bring you the results you want. Take care of your nervous system first!

3. Period 9 

Period 9 is coming in 2024, which is represent a dominate theme of the next 20 years, and when we are in transition, it will bring growing pains. In my previous video on Period 9 published in Jan 2021, I’ve already predicted Metaverse, wars, disruption of globalisation etc. So 2023 we can expect the death-and-rebirth process in our social-economic infrastructure will be quickened and intensified to create the transition needed, just in time.

>>> How do you prepare yourself for roller-coaster changes in the outside world?

In simple terms, let us stabilise ourselves, lean into our connection with the Universe + our inner wisdom, and build foundations and rituals in your life and gives us inner peace. Setting things assigned, stocking up for rainy days. Lining up the ducks in a row financially, and in terms of resources & communal support.

Simple, but not easy to do!

So if you desire to have a foresight of what 2023 will bring you,
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2023 feng shui forecast


2023 Feng Shui Forecast: Introducing Cosmic Energies

I still don’t know what EXACTLY will I talk about yet, but I’ll still commit to show up, and allow my intuition to guide me so I can guide you 🙂

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My track record: What did I predict?

In my 2022 Feng Shui Webinar, I mentioned the below that eventually came true…..


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