3-Year Foresight Speed Reading (Recorded)

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Holiday Special!!!


The closest to getting an 1:1 consultation with me at a super affordable rate!

2024, 2025, 2026 – What’s in it for me?

What you’ll get:


In this 15-min recorded reading, I’ll take a look at your Chinese Astrology charts in 2024,2025,2026 and talk about highlights of major themes and offer you specific tips on the direction and quality of major changes ahead of you in the areas of revenue/income streams, career development or change, relocation prospects, buy/sell properties, health or further studies (if relevant to your concerns)

To benefit the most from this offer, you are expected to be specific in your major decision point/ area of focus and tell me 1) you current situation 2) the options that you are considering. I might also plot a divination chart depending on the nature of your question to offer you an extra layer insights.

The investment is only US$33!!!

This is truly a gift from me to thank you all to be loyal subscribers and followers of my work, and I’m deeply grateful to have the opportunity to share Ancient Eastern Metaphysics with a worldwide audience online.

*For those who have ordered a full 2024 Dragon Forecast before, you can still enjoy this benefit and I’ll include Year 2027 for your reading as well if you want this:)

I’m only accepting orders before 21 Dec 2023 the Solstice, as my intuitive guides told me.


So, are you currently at a crossroads, having a major life decision in front of you?

Before you leap, take my 2 cents into your decision matrix that will give you more faith in yourself, THEN decide what feels right to your heart 🙂

I look forward to serving those of you who are leaping and stepping up into feminine leaderships!

The world need more of us, sisters!


  • Please share your birthday data at the checkout form, and provide specific info about your major decision point/ area of focus and tell me 1) you current situation 2) the options that you are considering under “Area of Focus/ Concerns” in the checkout form. Or, you can also email me at if this is too long to fill the checkout form!