Wealth Potentials Report


Wondering how to unlock the KEYS to your Wealth Potentials? Stop sitting on top of a Treasure Box and Looking Elsewhere For Your Abundance!


Wondering how to unlock the KEYS to your Wealth Potentials?

  • Your innate Wealth Potentials Analysis: Your capacity to attract, keep & spend money
  • How many Gold Reserves (0-4) you have in your birth chart
  • The KEYS to unlock them i.e. Your Personalised Wealth Code
  • What to do if you have NO Gold Reserve in your birth chart
  • How you can activate your Abundance Flow: Strategy & ritual suggestions
  • Personalised Feng Shui suggestions for you to apply them easily in your daily life
  • Who are your helpful people- Who can expand your access to the flow of abundance
  • Where can you connect to the FLOW – Careers and Businesses that suits you the best
  • When will be time of the day and season for making a change and starting money-generating activities
  • 3-Year of Month-by-Month Forecast on the Best Dates for Business Launches, Starting New Jobs, or Signing Contracts
Bonus: An Extra Feng Shui Boost To Raise Your Manifestation Power! (Valued $ 38)
  • You’ll receive all of the above in a PDF report within 5-7 working days.
  • Instructions when placing your order: Please indicate clearly on your key concerns which you’d love to seek guidance on (under “concerns” and “additional information”)


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