12-Month Forecast + Birth Chart Decode Report (Best Value!)

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Brand New To Chinese Astrology And Curious About Your Lucky Element(s) And what Was Written In Your Birth Chart? Start With This Report.


Plan Your Year Ahead With Guidance From The Stars!

Plus: Deep insights into your natal chart to uncover your born talents, core values, strengths weaknesses, and how you relate to your parents, your spouse, your children and the society as large!

  • Using Chinese 4-Pillar Astrology, I’ll Decode Your Birth Chart And Find Your Unique 5-Element Combo At Birth, Which Determines your main characters, and your Lucky Element(s).
  • 12 Month-by-Month Forecast + My Intuitive Guidance on Finance, Romance, Personal Growth & Health.
  • Key Themes, Highlights And Challenges For The Year Ahead And Tips To Increase Your Luck
  • Best Dates Choosing for Wedding/ Moving/ Business Launches/ Signing Contracts etc (at your request).
  • You’ll receive all of the above in a PDF report within 5-7 working days.
  • BONUS: A Tailored Feng Shui Cures for your Home according to your request. Please send me your floor plan with the directions if you want one.

Instructions when placing your order: Please indicate clearly on your key concerns which you’d love to seek guidance on, as well as the focus for the best date choosing when you check out (under “concerns” and “additional information”)