2024 Forecast: Divine Feminine is KEY in the Next 2 Decades!

Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology: Period 9 & Green Dragon Year 2024


2024 Forecast Divine Feminine

2024 is going to be an IMPORTANT year – This Green Dragon year not only brings beginning energies of forward momentum, it kickstarts 2 decades of a rise of Divine Feminine energies!
We all need to devote ourselves to make this happen though! Watch the webinar below to know how we can tap into the powerful change energies that 2024 will bring!

2024 Forecast Divine Feminine


In Period 9, Beginning in 2024 and Beyond


Points We’ll Cover:

  1. The 2 Decades of Fire – How We Rise + Thrive in Period 9?
  2. 2024 – The Year of Transition – Pivot Points for EVERYONE!
  3. Trends, Directions & Qualities That Will Be In High Demand
  4. What You Need To Consider If You Are Making A Major Personal Change in Life and Career?
  5. Annual Feng Shui Essentials Everyone Should Know!
  6. One Focus We Can All Help to Promote More Peace on Earth

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Have fun planning and visioning a joyful and fun-filled 2024!