How It’s Like Working With Shu?

Eastern Wisdom

It’s all about Balance, Flow, And Yin Yang. In a Holistic perspective, you’ll be guided on how to live life in alignment with the Universe.


Practical Spirituality

I bring my Integrative Health and Business background into my work to offer you grounded advice and simple practices.



Life is what you make it. Your destiny is not written in stones, but you can always leverage your life to the MAX when you have your Life’s Blueprint on hand.


Feng Shui Consultation (Virtual)

Are You Ready To Reinvent Your Home or Office Space With Feng Shui?

If you are buying a new home, or you’ve been feeling off in your current home or office space, get a Feng Shui Consultation to make the best use of your space and energies it brings!

Each Virtual Feng Shui Consultation Includes:
  1. Floor Plan Analysis: Natal energy of the house, and suggestions for space design to best leverage the auspicious energies
  2. Strategic Feng Shui Cures (Evergreen and Seasonal Cures for 2021+2022): Fix or enhancement of energies focusing on your most concerned areas e.g. Improving business performance, restoring family harmony, finding a new job, attracting a new love into your life, improving health, having babies etc
  3. Personalised Feng Shui suggestions in this house for the 2 heads of household + 2021 Annual Energy Overview + your personalised lucky elements to enhance your vibes
  4. Auspicious dates suggestions for kicking off the constructions, moving in and house-warming in 2021
  5. A quick guide on rituals of moving-in activation
What I’ll need from you:
  1. A floor plan with direction correctly measured
  2. A simple around-the-house video tour shooting from the inside of the house, and pictures of the external environment of main door and major windows
  3. Birth info (Year, Month, Day, Time) of the 2 Heads of household, usually the dad and mom, or the major breadwinners and decision-makers in the house
  4. Any questions on space usage or interior design ideas that you would love to seek my opinion on

This consultation includes detailed Feng Shui Consultation reports of all the above, plus 1-month Q&A email support from me !

If you are hunting for your new home and would love to seek advice and recommendation, email me at to get a quotation!

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Feng Shui Academy for Bosses

A Fast-Track Program To Teach You How To Leverage Feng Shui In Your Business!

If You = Your Brand, aka you are Coaches, Healers, Spiritual Guides, Marketers, Designers, Strategists, Realtors etc, you’ll need PERSONALISED Feng Shui strategies to raise both your personal and home vibes as a whole to radically boost your business!

6 Powerful and Result-Driven Modules to teach you how to use Feng Shui in wealth conciousness, branding, client profiling, marketing strategies, productivity, wellness and manifestation!

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