How To Use Feng Shui To Amplify Your Manifestation

There are lots of tools out there that teach you how to amplify your manifestation success rate – Have you consider using Feng Shui to increase your manifesting results, and speed tenfold?


Feng Shui is a very practical knowledge that is closely related to our daily lives; In essence, where we spend the most time in, like our home or office, have the capacity to SHAPE our reality.

Everything is formed by energy, or Chi in Feng Shui language; if I tell you that there are untapped potentials that your living and working space can offer you, would you be curious to learn more?



Key takeaways:

  • Our Physical Environment curates our experiences – what we design, design us back.

  • What is Chi? What is Luck?

  • Bad Luck In It’s Simplest Terms

  • Manifestation is essence

  • Your Capacity To Manifest Fast = The Level of Chi you can hold!


How To Increase Your Level of Chi?

What is Chi? Chi is breath, prana, and the lifeforce energy that flows within our bodies, and exchange through living beings on earth.

Each of us is a CONTAINER of Chi and there are many aspects that could affect how Chi flows through us – in flow, out flow, and flowing within us. Examples are like our breathing habits,  how we place ourselves, how to interact with nature, how to make decisions in life etc etc. It’s such a HUGE topic to investigate in!

Learn how in the Feng Shui for Bosses Fast Track Program!



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