Manifesting With Clarity: Deep Energy Cleanse + Guided Visioning (Audio Download)

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A 2-Step Process To Refresh Your Energy, And Maximize Your Manifestation Power!

First, you’ll be clearing away your all old blocks, healing the wounds from the past & ancestors,  and renewing your energetic vibration, then you’ll be guided to set intentions that aligned with your soul at this given moment, so you are empowered in your manifestation.

For maximum results, listen to this audio every day for a consecutive of 14 days for the new energy to sink in and become your new reality.


“The healing effect of this audio is phenomenal. I feel like I’m shedding deep-seated stress that I didn’t know I have. I’m grateful for you Shu!”
” By the time I reach the intention setting part I have new clarity!!! I thought I knew what I want but after the clearing in the beginning, I’m not lying to myself anymore. Totally exceed my expectations – thank you so much for creating this Shu!”