As we are growing wiser and replacing another yearly calendar very soon,

Our priorities change.

The needs of our body change.

The responsibilities we willingly take up change.

Taking risks are becoming more costly, and is no longer the obvious option to get what we want.

The whole Adulting thing becomes a necessary process of our evolution.
Because true maturity doesn’t come with age.

Most people live the same life repeatedly over and over again 50 times with the early programming and patterns planted in her brain when she was 7.

It‘s unsurprising that in a competitive workplace you can always find a technically-capable head of team acting like a bully as if he’s the chubby kid in primary schools. At age 7 he developed that strategy in order to draw attention from adults (but not the KIND of attention he desires), to feel he is important, and to feel that he is in control.

Or you must be able to find a mother-like figure in life or at work who is very dutiful, very giving, very hardworking, but you just can’t like her because of her nagging, grudges and harsh comments with good intentions (aka negative vibes) which makes her feel even more resentful because all she wants are your attention and love! (maybe that’s you lol?)

Unfortunately, we walk around the society with these wounded kids everywhere, pretending to be adults, owning the power of leadership positions, creating destructions to those around them, and their own happiness.

If we can just grow a little more compassion, and see through them not as the geared-up ready-to-fight bad guys, but a kiddo who has been feeling ignored and unloved since very early on, then WE won’t get hurt, and that wounded kiddo wound eventually change because of your change!


In this last full moon of a challenging 2018, plus we are about to have the Winter Solstice, It‘s time to embrace Forgiveness, and let go.

Ask yourself:

Are there any suppressed hatred, anger, or guilt that I’m still holding onto someone, and I’m now ready to release them for good?
Am I at peace with who I am? Including all the good stuff and bad stuff that had happened?
How can I accept every part of myself and forgive all my past failures?

Then imagine it’s 10 years from now, and you’ve reached all the goals you desired today, and write a letter to the version of you in Dece 2018. What would you say to yourself?


Feng Shui Reset Workshop with Sound!

Cleanse & Revitalise

Big release before Winter Solstice for 2018 + Final Full Moon in 2018!


I had so much fun recording this workshop, and you can have instant access whenever you want!


What we’ve covered:

First, we’ll go through Chakra by Chakra with Tibetan Singing Bowls on tuning your Personal Energetic Body to help you unblock your must stubborn energy tangles.

Then we’ll have some jamming between the bowls for the Environmental space energy clearing session.

I’ll also share with you how you can cleanse your space regularly and smudging suggestions.


Access the Feng Shui Reset Workshop Here


Wishing everyone a prosperous, joyful and warm holiday season!

Look forward to decoding your birth chart and Home Feng Shui in 2019 🙂

Love and light,

Shu Om Mani