Feng Shui Your Bedroom for New Love: How To Use Energy To Invite Love Into Your Life?

You might wonder: What? There is such a thing as using Feng Shui to attract love?!

Yes, Feng Shui can definitely call in LOVE into your life – because our environment can shape our happiness, and what and who we attract into our lives!

In Feng Shui we study how we can stay in alignment with our living space so we can improve our energy.

If you feel like you are ready to invite new love into your life, try these Feng Shui Tips in your bedroom to improve your sleep, your charm and make space to let love in.

feng shui bedroom for love

1. Clear away stagnant energy and past attachments

We always love to keep the Chi flowing so stuff like gifts from Ex, childhood treasures that you no longer touch, old magazines, out of season clothes and bags, antique items (they might carry unwanted spirits) should be kept away from your sleeping area, especially under your bed.

Moreover, don’t place too many stones (yes including crystals and gemstones), or empty vases or cans. They represent stagnant energy and is not good for your wellbeing. Windchime should also be avoided if you are energetically sensitive and easy to be disturbed while sleeping.

Plus, plants, fishes, dolls with eyes, and electronics that bring disturbing energy for a pleasant sleep so should also be kept away from your bedroom.

2. Get your space ready for love!

Put an image of your “dream man” in the North West (NW) of your bedroom to invite a Head of the household into your home.

If you are looking for a “dream gal”, put that image in the South West (SW).

Get a double bed, and sleep on one side of the bed (acting as if !). Also, decorate your bedroom with Love messages so it works for two!

feng shui bedroom for new love

3. Forever alone energy = A bedroom that is humid or underground with no windows.


Move to sleep somewhere else if possible!!!

If your bedroom is not by the window and cannot access direct sunlight, keep the light on during the day to boost the Yang/ Masculine energy into your bedroom.

In addition, avoid putting too many metal objects (too cold for relationships), violent toys like military figures (destroy peaceful energy), or a mirror at the end of your bed – it creates anxiety and psychological instability.

Start decorating your bedroom with more Fire elements e.g. light pink, light purple objects, heart shapes, love messages and items in PAIRS.

And keep the pillow side of your bed leaning on a solid wall that is NOT next to the kitchen stove or a toilet.

4. Increase your personal vibes by using your Lucky element

Each of us is born with a natural energy combination as determined by Chinese Astrology. To improve our positive vibes, we’ll need to understand what makes you YOU first, and to design a strategy to strike a balance in the 5 elements showing up in your life. Order a Personal Profile report to understand deeper about yourself.

feng shui bedroom for new love


That’s just a beginning of learning how to use Feng Shui to help you FLOW with life! Enjoy learning!