2023 Chinese Astrology Forecast : Annual Reading


Be In The Know In Advanced, So Nothing Can Rock Your World!


In times of uncertainty, what give you peace?
It’s KNOWINGNESS. To be in the know in advance so that you can get prepared and planned ahead – is the essence of how we use astrological forecast as our PROACTIVE LIFE PLANNING!
By understanding what “soul curriculum” are in place for us, we can have more clarity and here to focus on our annual life theme, and get a PASS!
“But How?” you might ask.

2023 Chinese Astrology Forecast: The 4-Pillar Astrology Method

With the aim of “BALANCE”, 4-Pillar Astrology seeks to understand the energy dynamics (5 elements and Yin Yang) that you are born with, how they interact with the annual ones, then I’ll give you suggestion on how to leverage what we’ve got in a holistic way so we can enjoy a harmonic resonance with life.
In this 2023 Forecast Report, I’ll tell you what Decade’s Influence you are in, as well as how 2023 is going to impact you on a PERSONAL level, in your health, your career, your relationships and your life in general, so that you can get prepared psychologically and practically, and plan ahead with the guidance from the stars!
Take back the control, so you’ll know where to focus your precious energy on, and give your best shot!

Each 2023 Astrology Forecast Includes These Valuable Insights, Curated Just For YOU:

  • A quick overview of your Elemental Profile: What Makes You YOU?
  • Your Personal’s 10-year Influence Cycle: Are you in transition? How have you been guided subtly by this cycle so you can live more in alignment?
  • 2023 Annual Theme: Your biggest focus this year and how is it going to be expressed in your life?
  • How do you prepare for Period 9 (2024-2043) and thrive?
  • Spotlights of the Year: Potentials opportunities, challenges, pivotal changes and where & when & how they could show up
  • Suggestions: My insights on how you can make 2023 your year to thrive!
  • Detailed Month-by-Month Forecast x 12 months for your strategic action planning
  • Your Lucky Element(s) and how you can raise your vibes in your daily life

BONUS: Get A 2023 Feng Shui Flying Star Activation Strategy Plan that you can apply to your home and office to capitalise your environmental energies!

All I need is just your Birth Year, Month, Day, Time (Accuracy down to the Hour is good enough), City and Timezone!


Love from previous clients:

“OMG you’ve described my personal characteristics to a T!”

“Funny that you mentioned network marketing is not right for me…I’ve just walked away with one after a disastrous experience… Why hadn’t I met you earlier, Shu?!”

“Your monthly forecast is so helpful! We found the perfect house EXACTLY in the month you’ve indicated, and glad we got ourselves ready before it to grasp this exciting offer!”


***Important! Instructions when placing your order:

Please indicate your key concerns (if any) which you’d love to seek guidance on (under “concerns”).

You’ll receive all of the above in PDF reports (One Per Person) within 7-10 working days. I appreciate your patience in this.