Happy New Moon!

new moon
There are a lot of New Moon rituals around the Internet: You use sage, crystal and essential oils to clear your space. You meditate to clear your mind.
How about your body?
So that quick addition is to EAT VEGAN.
In fact, it is a common practice for people to eat vegan for every New Moon AND Full Moon in Asia who live according to the lunar calendar.
Scientific research has already shown how the moon affects human behaviour. Since Moon affects the tides, as well as the water inside our bodies, and hence our emotions and decision making.
🌑The New Moon prompts you to stay quiet, be still, turn inward and be sensitive to your own thoughts and feelings.
🌝The full moon brings up the intensity of everything, whether it is our bright side or dark side.
Eating clean during New Moon and Full Moon helps enormously in cleansing our body (**gut!) every 2 weeks and set as an important reminder for us to stay mindful to the needs of our bodies, and show gratefulness to the food we have every day.
Enjoy the New Moon with clean food!

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