What Causes A Block Anyway?

In Yin-Yang philosophy, where there’s Imbalance, there is no flow; Where there is a pain, there is a block. So your pain is an important clue for you to trace the root cause of the blockages you have.


So How Do You Identify If You Have Any Money Blocks?

Ask yourself:

  • What would happen when you become super-rich? How would you feel? Notice all the emotions that come up, both positive and negative.
  • What positive events will happen when you get super-rich?
  • what negative events will happen when you get super-rich?

So when there is any worries, fear, guilt, shame or even anger comes up in your make-believe process, there are some “money blocks” that are resisting abundance to come into your life!

In Oriental Medicine, there are 2 Sources for Physical Blockages:

1. You’ve accumulated too many toxics: Wastes, Chemicals, Stress, unhelpful beliefs etc
2. Your Chi & Energy is too weak to flush them away
Our body has self-healing nature. And Our body, mind, emotions and spirit are ONE.
While I’m delighted to see more and more people who are starting their spiritual journey, and begin to have more consciousness on how their minds have been playing tricks on them over the years, trying to protect you from getting hurt.
Yet, our subconscious mind is like a 7-year-old kid – vulnerable, easy to feel afraid.
money blocks

Money Blocks

When you are focusing on the “blocks” for too long, whether they are money blocks, love blocks or whatever resistance you have towards a better life, you might be energising your “blocks” and amplify them with your manifestation power without knowing!
Sometimes, focusing on INCREASING YOUR LIFE FORCE AND POSITIVE ENERGY alone is enough. Because when you grow bigger, that little rock in front of you doesn’t matter as much!

So while working on transmitting your limiting beliefs around money and rich people are essential, your focus should not be on the “blocks”, but rather on how you can KEEP GROWING, EXPANDING your realm of possibilities, so that you are aligned with your next-level version of you!


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