Feng Shui 101: Finding Your Feng Shui Wealth Corner at Home

In this simple article, I ‘ll teach you how to find your Feng Shui Wealth Corner at home, which forms the cornerstone knowledge for every Feng Shui beginners.


Whatever you learn, the most important question is, ” how can I apply immediately to make improvements in my daily lives?”

Feng Shui is THAT kind of knowlege that is highly practical, applicable and interwine complexly in how we interact with the energies around us!

Our Environment Changes Our Perspectives.

Everything that you see, hear, smell, taste and feel around you plays an important role in affecting your mood in subtle, nearly invisible ways. While most people would consider “the environment” to be something out of your control, you can indeed make mindful choices in selecting where you choose to stay with most of our time.
For example, do you see your living space as a “warehouse” to store hundreds of stuff, but only 5% of them are being used frequently?
Feng Shui is all above energy flows. Since money is energy, and you would definitely love money to gather in your home instead of running water down the drain, right?
So here it is – In the science of Feng Shui, one of the easiest way to find the Wealth Corner of your home is to find the FAR LEFT CORNER as you enter the home. This corner is least affected by the door movements and influx of external energy.
Now consider this image the floorplan of your home. The red one is your front door (or main entrance if you use another door instead). Which room falls into the top left corner opposing your main entrance?
Feng Shui Wealth Corner

10 Items That DO NOT Belong To The Wealth Corner

  • Trash cans and rubbish bins (especially an open one)
  • Aggressive, sad or lonely images or objects
  • Clutter, dark and damp corners, unattended area that is collecting dust and black mould.
  • Drains, toilets, or washing machines
  • Unpaid bills
  • Broken items
  • Large and heavy pieces of furniture or equipment
  • Laundry basket with dirty clothes or shoe cabinets that are not clean
  • Paper shredder or violent objects
  • Magazines or brochures that promotes excessive consumerism, use of credit cards or borrowing money to buy things you don’t even need

Ask yourself – Do you really want these to affect your money energy flow?


3 Strategies to Enrich your Abundance Flow

Strategy #1: Present Money Symbols In Your Wealth Corner

Items like Citrate gemstones, piggy banks, a safe, a jewellery box, wealth and success books, gold coins, a Japanese Beckoning Cat are great items to have in your wealth corner. Use what visually reminds you of abundance the best!

Strategy #2: Feng Shui Elements and Movements

The wealth corner is of Wood element, so you are encouraged to put Wood and Water elements (water nurtures wood) to boost the energy of the area.

🌳Wood Element: Green, water-based plants with big leaves (NOT Cactus!!!), Spring (as words or image), wooden displays

💦Water Element: Blue, Black, Grey, objects and pictures containing PEACEFUL flowing water and flowing INWARD and UPWARD (Avoid tsunami type of forceful energy lol), sea animals

🚴‍Movements – Your wealth corner welcomes consistent small movements. Examples are like: Living plants, decoration with flowing water like an electric water fountain, a spinner made with wood, playing Monopoly boardgame here, or you can sit here constantly to handle your finances with your calculator)

Good Lighting – Always keep this corner bright and welcoming.

Strategy #3: Set A Money Intention Statement of What You Want

Your home is the precious space that embraces who you truly are, therefore it should reflect your personal values, as well as your intentions.

Put your Vision Board and money goals here to serve as a visual reminder that the magic is happening and on their way to you!


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