Feng Shui Home or Office Consultation (Virtual)


Moving home, office or ready to RESET the energy of your space after a big change? Schedule a Feng Shui Consultation with me.


Let me help you with a Virtual Home or Office Space Consultation and I’ll offer you personalised advice on:

  1. How to fix or enhance important areas in your home/office to improve your Wealth, Business, Love and Health!
  2. Seasonal Strategic Feng Shui Treatment Plans to focus on your most concerned areas e.g. Thriving in your Home-based Business, Attracting A New Love etc
  3. BONUS: Your Annual Energy Forecast + Lucky Element(s) that you can use every day to enhance your vibes

You’ll get a detailed step-by-step report of all the above, plus a 1:1 Q&A call (around 30 mins) as a follow up to help you with any questions!

Before the session, please prepare:

1. A Floor Plan with Direction measured on every floor
2. Your (and or living partner’s) birth information i.e. Birth year, month, day, time, birth city and timezone
3. A Video walk-through of your home or office, plus pictures of the space