Money Energetics Rewiring Course

Powerful Channeled Wisdom On How To Uplevel Your Manifesting Power And Finally Enjoy Abundance With Ease!


Quickly Raise Your Vibrations To Match Your Desire for More Abundance, Joy And Peace in 10 Days!

>>> 10 Juicy Lessons Plus Daily Actions To Rewire Your Brain, Heart & Energy for Money Attractions
>>> 2  EPIC Rewiring Sessions To Free Your Negative Energetic Cords Related To Wealth & Abundance


Lesson 1: Reinvent Your Relationship With Money

Lesson 2: Money = Trust

Lesson 3: Your 3 Balance Sheets of Flow

Lesson 4: Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs, Once And For All (+ Vortex Clearing Rewiring Session)

Lesson 5: Feeling Rich

Lesson 6: Why You Deserve To Get Rich If You Are A Spiritual Being

Lesson 7: Stop Punishing Yourself By Staying Poor (+ Inner Child Healing Rewiring Session)

Lesson 8: Earning Money vs Keeping Money

Lesson 9: The Fast Lane To Getting Rich

Lesson 10: Think Big – Declaration of the Richer You!


Ultimate Money Attraction Visualization (5-Element Infused)

Special Bonus audio to turn you into a Breathing Money Magnet when you complete the course following the instructions! ($88 of Value)

Regular Price: US$99

Special Offer: US$55 (45% off!)