Day 4: Welcoming The New Year with Feng Shui


In the past 3 days, you’ve learned about one of the 4 methods to identify the wealth corner of your home, what to place and what not to place in the area, as well as the importance of setting a positive money intention.
The Wealth Corner you’ve found on Day 1 is permanent for your space unless you renovate, and they serve to increase your ability to KEEP the wealth.
There is also annual wealth corners that you can capitalise on for 1 year to boost the income generating power! When you pile up the energies, the Feng Shui power could be multiplied!
So on Day 4, we’ll discuss the 2020 Feng Shui flying stars, and suggestions to prepare your home for the new year!
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What Are Annual Flying Stars And Why They Matter?

In the Classical Feng Shui School, the term “annual flying stars” are used to represent the annual movement and changes of seasonal energies. In Feng Shui we use the lunar calendar and similar to Astrology, the annual flying stars change their locations on 4th February (Lichun, Beginning of Spring) every year.



How To Apply Them To My Home?

Props You’ll Need:
  1. A Compass or a Compass App installed on your phone
  2. A clear file (or transparent sheet), a marker and a ruler
  3. The Floor Plan of You Home – which we did on Day 0

1. Follow the tutorial here to map out the 9 quadrants of your home

2. Look at the below chart and see which star is falling into your front door (most important), bedroom, kitchen and living room (where you stay the longest time).


***Effective from 4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021


Lucky zones (in Purple) are

  • 1 (White) is connected to Clients, Helpful People, Romance, Side Incomes.
  • 4 (Green) is connected to Intelligence, Academic Achievement, White-Collar Careers
  • 6 (White) is connected to Travel, Technical Careers, Windfall, Success and Power.
  • 8 (White) is connected to Prosperity, Wealth.
  • 9 (Purple) is connected to Happy events, marriage, newborn.


Unlucky zones In Orange) are

  • 2 (Black) is connected to Illness and Sickness.
  • 5 (Yellow) is connected to Serious Sickness, Trouble, Bad Events.
  • 3 (Green) is connected to Quarrel, Dispute, Gossip and Lawsuit.
  • 7 (Red) is connected to Robbery, unexpected big expenses.

Question to you:

Look at the chart and check which star is falling into your front door/ main entrance (most important), bedroom, kitchen and living room (where you stay the longest time)? These zones and the stars will have the strongest impact on you.