Day 5: Putting Them All Together


It is our final day together on this journey and I’m so grateful for your active participation in this challenge!
Today we’ll integrate what we have learned in the last 4 days and compile a Feng Shui plan for 2020:

∞ Permanent Wealth Corner – The far Left corner of your home: Put your vision board, money symbols, a safe, or a jewellery box here to trigger an expansive and fast-growing feeling in you!

∞ Annual Wealth Generating Zones from 4 Feb 2020 – 3 Feb 2021: North East & North West is your best work desk location of your home or office!

I hope you enjoy the journey in our 5 days together and learn a lot about how Feng Shui can improve the energy of your home environment!

By now are you asking, “So What’s Next?”

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Sending you love and peace!


Shu Om Mani,

Your Feng Shui Consultant