Day 3: Enrich Your Abundance Flow!

3 strategies to enrich your abundance flow by rearranging your home placements.

Strategy #1: Put Money Symbols In Your Wealth Corner

Who said, “money doesn’t grow the tree”? In Feng Shui, your wealth corner welcomes symbolic representation of wealth and abundance. Items like Citrate gemstones, piggy banks, a safe, a jewellery box, wealth and success books, gold coins, a Japanese Beckoning Cat or a prosperous-looking tree like below are great items to have in your wealth corner.

Strategy #2: Feng Shui Elements and Movements

The Five Feng Shui elements are:
Water >> Wood >> Fire >> Earth >> Metal
The wealth corner is of Wood element, so I encourage you to put Wood and Water elements (water nurtures wood) to boost the energy of the area.

Wood Element:

Green, water-based plants with big leaves (NOT Cactus!!!), Spring (as words or image), wooden displays, pencils, rabbits, ducks, Guitars and violins.

Water Element:

Blue, Black, Grey, objects and pictures containing PEACEFUL flowing water and flowing INWARD and UPWARD (Avoid tsunami type of forceful energy), sea animals, a small bowl of goldfish, pig and piggy banks, hamsters, Mickey Mouse (mice + black color).


Your wealth corner welcomes life force energy or consistent small movements. Examples: Living plants, decoration with flowing water like an electric water fountain, a spinner made with wood, playing Monopoly board game here, or you can sit here constantly to handle your finances with your calculator

Good Lighting:

Always keep this corner bright and welcoming. Natural lighting would be the best.

Elements to Avoid:

Fire element: Red, orange, purple, pink, electronics, lamps, birds, horses (and Hermes), triangular shape etc

Strategy #3: Set A Money Intention Statement of What You Want

See your home as a 3D Vision Board.

Your home is the precious space that embraces who you truly are, therefore it should reflect your personal values, as well as your intentions.
  • What is your money goal for the year?
  • Why do you want it to become a reality?
  • What exactly will you do with the money?
  • How do you FEEL when your goals come true?

Write down all your answers above, and do a visualisation every day in your wealth corner as if everything has become a reality, and then surrender to the Universe with gratitude.

Question to you: Which day-to-day item triggers the strongest abundance, expansive feeling in you?