Day 1: Finding Your Wealth Corner

Our Environment Changes Our Perspectives

Everything that we see, hear, smell, taste and feel around you plays an important role in affecting your mood in subtle, nearly invisible ways. While most people would consider “the environment” to be something out of your control, you can indeed make mindful choices in selecting where you choose to stay with most of our time.
For example, do you see your living space as a “warehouse” to store hundreds of stuff, but only 5% of them are being used frequently?

Money is Energy

Feng Shui an ancient philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with our surrounding environment. Literally “Feng” in Chinese means Wind and “Shui” means Water, which forms FLOW. Facilitating the positive energy flows in our home space is the core principle of Feng Shui. Like plants, air and water are essential to our health too 
Then what encourages the flow? Fresh air (direction of doors and windows), light, space (vs clutters), movements, sound, colours and your intentions.

So, Where Exactly is My Wealth Corner?

A wealth corner is where the positive energy gathers and stabilises.
There is an ancient saying that said, “Only the money that is SAVED is yours!”
So no matter how much money you earn, when your expenses, whether planned or unexpected ones, are larger than the inflow of money, we become stressed about money.
The good news is, there are not only one – but Four!
  1. A wealth corner that can be applied to every house based on a simplified version of the Feng Shui principle (Doesn’t change over time)
  2. A seasonal wealth corner for every decade, every lunar year and every month (we’ll talk about this on Day 4)
  3. A wealth corner specifically for your home, according to when you move in, its facing direction and where it is located.
  4. A UNIQUE wealth corner personalised for you as the home master (with your birth date and time).
For # 3 and #4, you’ll need to consult a professional Feng Shui Consultant for the accurate direction measurement with compass and calculate the alignment between you and the house.
So today, we’ll focus on #1.

In Feng Shui, the Wealth Corner is in the FAR LEFT CORNER as you enter the home from the main entrance.

Feng Shui is all about energy flows. Since money is energy, and you love money to gather in your home instead of running water down the drain so we take this diagonal far left corner from the main entrance which is least affected by the door movements and influx of external energy.
Now pick up the simple floor plan that you drew for your home yesterday. Consider this image as the floor plan of your home. The red one is your front door. Which room falls into the top left corner opposing the front door?


What if I don’t use the original front door but the side door as my main entrance?

A: Your main entrance is the “mouth” of the house where external energy enters the house. In the traditional Compass School I practice, we based every principle on how the Chi (a.k.a air) flows, and therefore we would count the most frequently used door as the main entrance, given the size of the 2 doors are more or less the same. So in  your case, we’ll use the side door as the main entrance.

My house is multi-levels so is it I have a wealth corner on every floor?

A: The one at the ground level, where the main entrance located is the most powerful. There is no harm to set up that corner for every level though

My home floor plan is not a perfect square, how can I apply this?

A: No worries, there are so many houses that are NOT in a perfect square or rectangular shape. You can use this method to find that corner!