2023 Chinese Astrology Feng Shui Forecast – Are You Ready?

What a year 2022 has been!! And it feels like the Universe is hurrying us up to catch up on the tides of change, the sooner the better – Can you feel this too?

Every year I observe and contemplate the cosmic weather of the year and identify major themes, clues and insights so you can be in the know, and get prepared!


2023 will be a BIG year in terms of energy change in the collective, which will be translated into a shift in how we think, and ultimately – How do we define a “good life”? And with the new definitions, behaviours will be changed, and economic structures and social norms will continue to shift accordingly.


Here you go my annual signature webinar:

2023 Annual Cosmic Energies Macro Overview


TLDR: Who can benefit from the energies of the Year of the Water Rabbit in 2023?

  • Content creators
  • Creative entrepreneurs
  • Heart-centred spiritual workers, healers, therapists
  • Coaches/ Advisors in career change, relocation, relationship
  • Marriage counsellors
  • Mental health professionals
  • Distribution & fulfillment in logistics
  • Anyone who can innovatively create side incomes with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Neighbourhood Community builder and organisers
  • Alternative Health & Wellness Professionals
  • Mindfulness teacher to Children
  • Legal services, accountants, business re-org consultants
  • Occult /metaphysics teachers
  • And people who can remain calm, steady, and self-reliant regardless of systematic changes in the outside world.




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Reference: Period 9 Overview

What The Next 20 Years Are Going To Be Like?

Period 9 begins in 2024, and 2023 will be a major transitional phase for us to get over the chasm, whether technologically, or mass adoption of behaviour & expectation changes.

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Enjoy! And write to me at shu@chooseflow.com if you have any questions or sharing!