Before I worked with Shu, my mind is in Everywhere! Felt like I needed to be a part of different social media platforms to grow my business, but it felt inauthentic. Didn’t feel like it was me. Felt pushed to do what others said “should” be done.
The best insight I gained from her work is the validation that certain ways I would feel were actually part of who I really am, that it is ok, and that I could still be successful in business as such. The report even noted taking selfies was not my thing! And, it totally isn’t.
Actual results: Feel calmer and more authentic. Freer and release from “pressure” to do social media in a certain way. Increase in patients coming in, signing up with increased rates!
I highly recommend Shu; In fact I already have sent a few to her! Because she is thorough and will answer questions you may have. She gives you tangible action steps and things to consider. Love working with her!

De’Nicea Hilton
Fertility Expert, Hilton Holistic Health
I started learning from Shu a while ago on Feung Shui placement in my Home and full Moon interpretation and power.
Shu’s teaching is very easy to understand, she is thorough and patient in her tutorials and explanations.
I have followed many advice techniques in my home and throughout my day and have been able to cut my extended debt in half paying back most creditors and lendors. I’m working on paying off my mortgage next then i will be debt free.
I absolutely love her because of her well rounded knowledge and eagerness for your your success!!!