Cosmic Energies Are Always Moving…Are You Riding With It Or Against It?

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You know there is always a Right Time for the Right Actions……

Just like you’ve planned an outing to the mountain top with your entire family, but the weather forecast said there’ll be a high chance of rainstorms tomorrow, what would you do?

You’ll make a Plan B for tomorrow, and schedule the outing on a sunny day!

That’s the same with Cosmic Energy – when you have a Cosmic Weather Forecast, you are in the know – and that slight difference gives you a leading edge in whatever you do!

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All you have to do is, DOWNLOAD the monthly calendar, SYNC it to your phone’s calendar app, and choose the BEST DATES for your important life and business events like launching a business service, signing a contract, job interviews, relocation, moving into a new home, exams, important presentations etc. so you can amplify the success rate! Lucky hours and suggestions to activate the lucky energies will also be indicated!

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