Announcement: I’m doing a Daily Cosmic Weather forecast for 30 days starting 7 Oct 2021 (New Moon)!

October would be quite a disruptive month – but fear not! I’ll be unravelling daily energies with you every day so you can always put your best foot forward!

It’ll look like this:

Plus my daily voice message plus any teaching resources!


How To Get Notified on Patreon?

1.Download the Patreon App on your mobile phone
2.Find the Icon “Feed” in the bottom ‘s icon
3.On the top bar, click the icon with magnifer, and search “goodvibes365” or my name “Shu Om Mani”
4.Click into my profile page, and and the top right corner, click the 3 dots, then click “Follow”
5.Viola! You’ll now get push notification from the Patreon app,m as well as email notifications whenever a new post is up!
Go check it out!
I’ll also reserve SURPRISE gifts for those who follows and recomeend friends to my channel!


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