Coronavirus: It’s not a joke

With the widespread of Coronavirus across Asia and farther, more and more people are feeling worried. Besides wearing surgical masks and washing our hands often, what else can we do to stay healthy?

This is a quick post to share some insights for you to protect you and your family from the negative health influence from the Feng Shui energetic angle.

In Feng Shui terms, Metal energy represents the Medical Doctor (who heal the dis-ease) or the Warrior ( who fight the demons). So activating the metal energy, regardless of your personal lucky elements can boost the protection for your lifeforce.

Actions to take for better health protection:

  1. In the East & South corners of your home (Flying Stars of Hazardous and illness energy in Metal Rat year), place a larger metal object here, at best with round or square shape with soft edges e.g. a stainless steel pot, copper decor item or a chime bell. Avoid using violent or sharpy objects like motorbike figures or swords.
  2. Every day at 3-5pm, strike a gong or singing bowl 6 times at the hours of Metal can activate the protection energy
  3. Wear some metal jewellery or watches as you go out
  4. Use less mobile phone as electronics are emitting heavy and sometimes toxic fire energy, unlike that pure fire energy from a real campfire
  5. The number 6 also represents Metal. Use golden colour to write 66 and paste the post-in on the headboard of your bed for protection during sleep.


Moreover, maintaining healthy daily habits becomes our top priority!

Practising exercises that boost your Chi like Chi Gong, Kriya, mantra chanting, yoga, or dynamic meditation can effectively calm your mind, bring your attention back to your breaths, and activate the Chi and blood circulations, which are the basis of good health and vitality.


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Of course, this is only ONE of many aspects to protect your health and energy; The advice above cannot be used as a replacement of professional medical assessment and treatment; make sure you get licensed medical consultation when you really feel unwell!

Sending you all vibrant and peaceful energy in uncertain times like this. We are all one and together we can get through this! Namaste.

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