Chinese Astrology Forecast 2019 for the 12 months to come!

5 Feb 2019 marks the beginning of the Pig Year!

Pig is the LAST Zodiac among the Chinese 12 animal zodiac, signifying the end of a 12- year cycle. Which will bring us lots of change in the air, and opportunities to Travel!

Chinese Astrology forecast 2019


In specific, an end of cycle = on the edge of a new era = Change & Transformation >>> which brings deconstruction of the old, so you have the space and resources to bring on the new!

So expects lots of travel, movements, in a worldly sense and on the personal level – like you suddenly have a desire to take on new adventures.

Energetically, 2018 Year of the Dog was a year of double Yang Earth – See it as having 2 big mountains standing in front of you – that represents slow progress, stress, uphill climbing, stuckness, resistance, detouring.

And moving on to the Year of the Pig, we are having Yin Earth + Yang Water – See it as a farmland and a flowing river, which are the natural resources that people will flock together to fight for them.

So definitely the 12 months forward will offer more opportunities, more resources, and more hopes and insights on what our future will look like.

Plus there are a lot of conflicting energy throughout the year. The challenge in the coming 12 months would be for us to come together and COLLABORATE, not compete with each other.

If the Purpose of 2018 was to show us what doesn’t work, and to urge us to climb HIGHER and see beyond our current situation,

then the purpose of 2019 would be to offer us insights of new ways, new opportunities, new resources to MAKE PLANS, and NURTURE fertile farmland as the womb for good Harvest in the next 12-year cycle.

Brace yourself my dear, it’ll be an adventurous ride!

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Tiffany · January 23, 2019 at 12:37 pm

Hoping that my 2019 will be a blast! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️

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